Transcript - Jujitsu for the abused 3: Forgiveness is the key to unlocking your blessings

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Jujitsu for the abused 3: Forgiveness is the key to unlocking your blessings
Plot: Lack of forgiveness is a blessing blocker
Notes: To unlock your blessings, you must first use the key

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Hey, welcome back!

If you selected this podcast because you're struggling with forgiveness, then I pray God's blessing over you. I know it's hard. And I even know how hard it is. Sometimes we have to forgive people repeatedly. Whether that's because they keep repeating their mistake, or whether it's because we struggle to not get mad about it anymore. But I pray God will help you understand your situation, that he will make it clear what he wants you to do, and give you the strength and signs of success that will enable you to walk in victory in this area of your life. If you know you should forgive, but you're struggling with the motivation to do it, I believe this podcast, will not only give you a nudge, but a shove in the right direction.

I remember when I went skydiving, there was another guy there and he was also going tandem and he told the instructor, "I know I came here, and I know I paid you for this, but when I look out the door, I won't be held responsible for how hard I fight you. I fully expect to change my mind when I look down, but I give you permission to push me out the door." The instructor smiled and nodded. And when the time came to jump, he placed his hand over the mans eyes and got him out the door with ease.

God rest his soul.

If when it comes to forgiveness you can relate to that gentlemen, then I have good news for you, I belive I can help you get victory in this area of your life.

Years ago, I began telling my Sunday School class, if you want to see the supernatural, you have to stop doing what comes naturally. And that's true of today's message. I'm about to explain one of the hardest disciplines to cultivate from my life. The idea of forgiving those who don't deserve it. If you'll indulge me, I will tell you four stories that will work together for two purposes:

To explain why we must forgive, and to 
crush the strongholds that make that hard. 

I am confident the minute that you see this stronghold, you'll be a stronghold crusher. 

And so we begin with story number 1:

I want you to imagine you sold your house to a guy who was making payments to you for it. He did great for the first two years, but his payments and communication stopped, and when you looked into the matter you discovered he ripped the house apart on the inside and then abandoned it.

On the one hand, you can foreclose and get the house back, but without a doubt the man abused his relationship with you. Because it would cost you twice as much to fix it as you received from him in payments. Meaning this transaction did you far more harm than good. He ripped you off and he knows it. He lost his job, he ran off, and you repaired and restored your house at your own expense.

There is no question the guy wronged you, he owes you, and then one day you run into him. And you're angry about this. You loved that house! It was passed down from your great grandparents to your parents and then you, and his renovations destroyed everything about it that made it special and cost you a small fortune to restore it. And it still just isn't the same.

Let's imagine you see the guy and he's with his dad. And you confront him, and his dad says, "Listen, I'm rich. Tell me how much he owes you and I will make it right."

You say, one million dollars and his dad fills out the check and hands it to you. You wonder why is son didn't just call his dad in the first place and why he put you through this, but before releasing the check, which he wrote out for two million dollars, he gives you some conditions. He wants you to forgive his son completely. You're not to sue him him in court, you're not to demand he repays you, because you've received repayment in full at the hands of his father. In fact, when you see him, he wants you to wave, smile and say hi. And from time to time, he even wants you to pray for his son's benefit. Not tirelessly, just whenever he enters your mind. Those are the conditions. In order to receive repayment you must agree. 

Would you? Would you agree to those conditions? The man owed you one million dollars, his father gave you two, and added some very simple clear reasonable conditions.

I would think most of us would agree to that. If you know your Bible well, then you know this is an exact match for what God described in Scripture himself. Not in so many words, but if you seek you will find and what you will discover is that 

we all know that when Jesus died on the cross, he died for our sins. He paid our debts, but this is what we often fail to consider: he literally repaid them. That means if you owed somebody a thousand dollars, God paid them two. And there are people who owe you debts as well. And Jesus died for them also. But if you haven't received payment, then I ask you: did you submit to the conditions? Did you forgive? Because repayment comes after submission not before. There is a huge condition on receiving repayment for the debts that were owed to you:

Number one: 
  1. You must forgive the person who wronged you; meaning you are not supposed to try extract repayment from him after receiving it from God. Because God repaid you the man's debt. No it didn't come from the man, but that's the miracle! For those of us who received miracle money from an unexpected source, we can often make a correlation between a debt and a repayment;
  2. God wants you to love your enemies. And one definition for our enemies is it is those who owe us big debts. The bigger the debt, the bigger the enemy;
  3. God wants you to forgive them and pray for their good. Even if they're in the middle of stoning you (like Steven).
Now you might think, I exaggerated some things like the idea that you might be repaid double. But Scripture specifically says we will be repaid double for the harm God allowed the enemy to bring into our lives. And we see that illustrated in the story of Job. God let the devil do great harm to Job and afterwards, God repaid him double. And in that same story Job's friends come and started accusing him. Meaning they took up the roll of the great accuser, they emulated the devil, they delivered his message for him on his behalf. He used them as tools to hurl unfounded accusations based on assumptions that they made about him. They looked at his situation and assumed he was being cursed by God for his sins and instead of sowing love and encouragement they hurled accusations and rebukes. Under the guise of quoting God. And at the end of the chapter, the last thing that occurs before the trial ends and Job is repaid double is that we see Job forgive his friends and pray for those who accused him. And then boom, the trial ended and Job received double.

Zechariah 9:12 ESV says,

Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of hope; today I declare that I will restore to you double.

I would imagine you've heard sermons about the fact that forgiveness is not for your enemy, it's for you. And that's absolutely true! If you hold a grudge, you'll remain bitter and bitterness will drive people out of your life. Bitterness destroys your own soul, not the soul of your enemy. It eats at you like corruption eats at fruit. It doesn't make you stronger it, hollows you out on the inside. The longer the bitterness remains the more damage it does to you and all your relationships. People will run from you because of the life sucking nature of the constant need to make you feel better in the midst of your bitterness. If you are holding a grudge toward someone, you cannot truly comprehend the burden you are on your friends who spend phone call after phone call listening to you vent and repeat yourself and never heal from a debt that was repaid over two thousand years ago, by an almighty God who knows how to bind every wound, heal every hurt, mend every broken heart, and restore the years the locusts have eaten despite how committed you may have been to wallowing in your own self-pity. And I know this because I'm preaching to the choir. 

There is absolutely no virtue in holding a grudge and venting your bitterness and no value in getting retribution for yourself. You know you haven't really forgiven someone if you continue talking about them. After I forgive someone I talk about them less and less and sometimes I forget them completely, until someone mentions them.

If you decide to hang onto you bitterness then these scriptures are for you:

Hebrews 12:15 ESV says

See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no “root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled;

Ephesians 4:31 ESV

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

Job 10:1 ESV 

“I loathe my life; I will give free utterance to my complaint; I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.

But there is clear concrete discernable value in truly forgiving and loving and praying for your enemies and forgetting their offenses toward you, because God can then release repayment to you for their debts. 

Maybe the debt owed to you isn't money, but God is all mighty and all powerful and I assure you, he can repay you double for the emotional hurt, the physical damage or heartbreak they caused. The Bible says God will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten. But there are conditions for repayment. It is not okay to listen to this message and check off the box as if you have complied with the requirements. God knows when you have truly forgiven the debts owed to you and he will withhold repayment until you comply. He did not hang on that cross so you could cling to your hatred and self-pity. The Bible says by his stripes we were healed. He died for our sins to bring healing to his children. And so if you're saying, but I never got repaid, then I ask you, "Did you every really forgive?" If you pray for them, if you've forgotten the past and moved on with your life, then these Scriptures are for you.

Psalm 147 : 3 says 
God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 56:8 says 
“[God] You have collected all my tears in Your bottle."

I know a young girl who had a bee sting and the stinger was lodged in her finger. While the stinger remained lodged in her finger it continued to release poison. This persisted for two weeks before she understood that though it might hurt and be scary to remove the stinger with a needle, but leaving it there means healing will never come. Don't cling to your anger. Don't hold onto your bitterness. Forgive those who have wronged you, let it go and move on with your life and after you do, you just might discover that not only are you healed now, you were also repaid double by your father who loves you!

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